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Grouping objects sometimes changes font size

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I have experienced in both Designer and Publisher 1.9 that grouping objects sometimes changes the font size of the text. It does seem It does not seem to connected to the font, but maybe rather to some changes I have done to the font (scaling, size, color etc). I do not remember all the changes but here is a look at what happens. The left is ungrouped objects. The right is objects grouped - that is the only difference between the two sides.

Grouping changes font size.jpg

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I think this is to do with the bottom right text frame scaling tool having been used on the text frame and has been mentioned before. For what it's worth it is also faulty if a single text frame is grouped with itself.

Windows 10 Pro, I5 3.3G PC 16G RAM

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3 minutes ago, nodeus said:

This bug makes Publisher 1.9 useless for work...

That is a bit harsh... It's not useless. I tried to replicate the bug from scratch but unable. I made the original design in Affinity Designer, have made countless changes in the process before settling on this, and eventually this happens; that grouping this changes the font size.

However: If I just make the same layout directly without all the trial and error, grouping causes no issues.

But random errors are annoying.

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This is one of those things I really don't understand, this bug was known to the developers and support staff prior to 1.9 being released, and yet it was still released with this bug present.


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Give them some credit :) I am sure the development team is doing whatever they can to amend bugs and some bugs are more important than others.

I think the amount of resources they have compared to the amount of feedback they get is not in favor of them.  Bugs, requests for new features, running a business, making tutorials, answering our questions etc. The amount of work required for developing this suite of software is massive and from my point of view I am grateful for their even if it's not 95% fool proof, but I like it far better than the competition. Cheers :)

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@erchdk I have and will continue to give them credit where it's due, I put time into helping on this forum where I can. What gets me though is they seem to forget that 1) some customers use their software as a key business tool 2) they also sell through the Mac/Windows stores where it's not possible to roll-back to an earlier version. When they opt to release the update knowing things are broken I feel it's letting their user base down.

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Not to pile on here, but... the impact of any given bug can be wide ranging, depending on your situation - 

In our case, we are updating/revising flyers and promo decks weekly: constantly rearranging and recombining (yes - regrouping!) text blocks in designs built from previous versions. This font-size-glitch-on-grouping when editing a previously created doc causes a major headache and hit on our workflow until it gets fixed. I would jump back to 1.8 in a flash if I could... 😖

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Many thanks to @loukash for the 1.9 Groups bug workaround posted over in the MacOS Designer Bugs forum - a lot of keystrokes and dragging, but functional. Hope this is cleared quickly in 1.9.1! 🤞


<<Meanwhile, in your case the workaround would be:

  1. create a temporary object like a simple rectangle
  2. group this rectangle with "itself", that creates a "(Group)" layer in the Layers panel
  3. move your text frame layers in the Layers panel inside this "(Group)" layer
  4. delete the temporary rectangle>>
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  • Moderators

We have made fixes/improvements to this area (Text in scaled text frame could increase in size when grouped) of the program in the latest customer beta. If you would like to try these changes the beta software is available in the forum posts listed below.

The latest beta builds are downloadable from links at the top of each of these beta forum posts.

These betas install parallel, next to the release version (they do not overwrite your release) and so the fixes can be tried in the beta without affecting your normal workflow in the release version.

Once these programs have been through a full beta process the change will be released in a future free 1.9.1 update/patch to all customers.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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