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Photo 1.9.0 - Procedural Texture dialog missing controls

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The Procedural Texture dialog in Affinity Photo 1.9.0 does not display the Custom Input value fields or sliders. See uploaded image.

I discovered this using preexisting macros that use PT, but also manually added a PT layer/filter with the same results.

Procedural Texture Dialog.png

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Hi @Gabe

I'm running 11.2, about dialog attached.

But even weirder, since reporting this I did a clean install of macOS (after erasing Macintosh HD), and did a fresh install of the apps, (without any TimeMachine or backup/restore) so there should be no weirdness from old data/configs.

I still have the same symptom, based on opening a new raw file and adding a Live PT and destructive PT.

Non-reproducibility is a bugger. Let me know if there is anything else I can do or send you, I use a bunch of Dave's PT macros. Thanks


Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 8.33.51 AM.png

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I am having the same problem on a MacBook Pro laptop with trackpad and macOS 10.15.7, using either the current or beta versions of Affinity Photo (v1.9.0 or v1.9.1.219).

As shown in the screenshot of the Live Procedural Texture window, every Custom Input is unusable because the interface for the input is not expanding to the width of the window. The slider bars are not visible at all, while the disks for indicating angles and lighting angles are truncated. It did not help to enlarge the window in both directions before adding any Custom Inputs.


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Hi @Bugfoot,
Thanks for your report. Can you post a screenshot of the specs of you Mac please (with serial number hidden). I'm able to reproduce the issue here on some systems but not on others. I'm not sure this is related with the OS as it's working fine for me on Big Sur but fails on Mojave, whereas it seems to be failing for you and @BeauRX on Big Sur. Thanks.

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I'm seeing the same problem on 11.2.1 (AF 1.9.0).

Perhaps related:

  • Open document
  • Create PT filter (non-destructive)
  • Add a custom control - either a 0..1 or -1..1
  • Enter a description (one character will do)
  • Click on the X. Note, the X is superimposed over the end of the text box, rather than to the right of it.
  • AF consistently crashes.

I sent a crash report through Apple.

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@MEB thanks for logging this. I just tried again with ( - GM Seed) Mac and still have the same problem as first reported, sure hoping this gets fixed before final release. Since first reporting, I did a clean install of Big Sur (for unrelated reasons) so this should be ideal test conditions. Thanks

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1 minute ago, MEB said:

Hi @BeauRX,
This issue wasn't solved yet/log remains open. I believe it will not be ready in time for 1.9.1, sorry.

Thanks MEB, I just discovered it hasn't been fixed yet, hopefully it will be in the next beta as this is a very useful filter

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