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Export problem, files corrupting, can't work! Please help!

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Edit: Worked it out! Will leave this here in case anyone else finds it useful. Turns out CorelDraw has a problem reading newer PDF formats. I exported as PDF 1.4 & CorelDraw seems to be importing it okay. 


Hi! So I've been using Affinity Designer for a few years now, never had any problems until today.

Basically as I always do, I'm exporting my files to PDF to send to the printers. Same format, all vectors, same colour format/profile, everything the same way I've always done it & its always worked fine.

However when exporting to PDF this time round, I can view it fine, my printer can view it fine, but when he tries to import it to CorelDraw it comes up saying the file is corrupted. Nothing has changed his end. I've updated my Affinity & that hasn't helped. Can't for the life of me work out why its not working this time. We've tried using other formats like SVG with import fine but some items in the file aren't in the correct place after importing.

Any ideas?


Thanks in advance


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