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VRAM GPU Dual Video Card Advantage with Mac Pro?

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Hi - excited to try out my preview copies of the Affinity products in the next couple days - two quick questions.... This first one is probably obvious once I install the aps, but I'll ask anyway:  is there full support in the Photo Ap for Wacom pen tablets (pressure and tilt)?  

Next question - It has been a year and a half now that I have waited for Adobe to give dual video card support in their GPU preferences... I have a Mac Pro with dual video cards but Photoshop only uses the VRAM from one of the cards - not both - so basically late 2013/14 Mac Pro owners have one dormant video card in terms of VRAM. Do the Affinity apps take advantage of all the VRAM available on the New Mac Pro dual video cards? (so far that I know, only Final  Cut Pro takes advantage of this).

Thank you for the answers.


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Hi Jeff,


Yes, there's full support for Wacom devices - pressure, tilt, rotation, different tips and stylus wheel (for airbrush devices) - the full works :)


With regards to the Mac Pro's other GPU... Well, it sounds disappointing when I say that 'no' there isn't any support for this, but then it should sound better when I explain that Final Cut uses the GPU to do its image processing, so it makes sense to use as much of the available GPU(s) as possible, but Affinity does not use the GPU to accelerate image manipulation, but it uses the GPU to accelerate the presentation of the rendered document to the screen - so we use all of your CPU cores fully then a small amount of GPU to get the results onto the screen. Basically any graphics card (even the one in my old 2008 Macbook Pro) is more than capable of offering the required performance to smoothly present this data, so we don't need to be using your other GPU at all... Just try it out and see what you think - I think that's the best advice :)


Thanks again - and feel free to ask any questions!


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