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Vector Brush [& Pixel Brush] stroke opacity build-up where the same stroke crosses back over itself

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Query - and a possible feature request if I'm right about this - something I noticed when using the Vector Brush Tool in Af.Designer with daub brushes at low opacity (c.10%) to build up the depth of colour gradually with multiple strokes.

1.    If I make say 7 overlayed distinct strokes at 10% opacity, raising the brush between each one, then I get (presumably) 70% opacity where they overlay each other.
2.    If on the other hand I make 7 strokes without raising the brush - in fact one stroke but with roughly 180 degree changes of direction back and forth over the same area - then I only get 10% opacity. Where the same stroke crosses back over itself there is no increase in opacity as of course there would be if this was a real paint brush.

I can see that the constant opacity would be essential if you were filling in a shape and wanted uniform colour despite overlapping / overlaying but it would be useful to have the option of building up opacity where a single stroke passes back over itself as it would in reality.
It would also reduce the number of strokes recorded in the Layers which rapidly build up to frightening levels if I do a lot of choppy, ‘expressive’ brushwork.


Is there any way to build up opacity by running one vector brush stroke back and forth over itself ?
I had thought this option might already be available within the “More” options brush control panel or could be modified by changing the Blend Mode but if it is already there I haven’t been able to find it.

You might be thinking “Why is this fool using vector brushes at all when this sounds like something he ought to be doing in Pixel Persona (or indeed in Af.Photo if he had any sense) ?”. Well, because I generally prefer to stick with pure vector work where possible.

(Note : Pixel brushes seem to work in the same way - i.e. no increase in opacity where the same stroke crosses back over itself.)

Perhaps this “build-up opacity when re-crossing self” behaviour could be available as an an option ? Pretty minor I know and not really worth the trouble unless it’s something you could do easily.


[if I haven't missed this feature then please shift this topic to the Feature Requests section.]

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Hi JCresswell,


You are correct with your first statement the only way to get the brush to overlay itself  is to make multiple strokes over the top of one another instead of just one stroke that keeps going over itself. However this is a great idea so I will move this post to the Feature Requests section :)



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