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Thanks for any help with this. I use data merge daily in InDesign, but I can't find any instructions (other than the help file with the app, which doesn't seem to work for me) on merging CSV (or any other) date with a Publisher file. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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This is an example for the shortest / simplest workflow I can think of. There's obviously more to it, but this should hopefully get you started:

1) Define a data source.

To do this, go to the Document menu and choose Data Merge Manager.... There, add your .csv file by clicking on the page icon in the bottom left of that dialog. In the Source section on the right hand side, check that Delimiter and Quote character are set appropriately for your CSV dialect. Make sure the proper number of fields (columns) and records have been parsed. Then Close that dialog for now via the button on the bottom right.

2) Place your Data Merge Layout

Select the new blue / grey Data Merge Layout Tool in the toolbar to the left. For me it's below the picture frame icon of the Place Image tool. With that tool selected, draw up a grid on your document - exact dimensions and positioning aren't crucial yet.

You now get a horizontal context toolbar at the top (above your artboard / rulers). In there, you'll want to at least set up the number of Rows and Columns according to your needs. This will determine the number of instances data merge will produce. Now fine tune the positioning and dimensions of your data merge layout (the grid you're seeing).

3) Draw your template graphic

With the Data Merge Layout still selected (!), draw a rectangle in the top left cell. You should see that rectangle getting duplicated immediately across all other cells.

The top left cell is considered your template, and having the Data Merge Layout selected when drawing makes sure that the content you draw then gets nested inside the Data Merge Layout in the layer panel on the right hand side. Moving existing objects into the Data Merge Layout "Group" in the layer panel is another way to bring in existing objects into the DML template.

4) Show fields panel

Bring up the fields panel. If it's not visible, select the View menu at the top, and choose Studio -> Fields. At the very bottom of the fields panel (you might have to scroll) you should see a section "Data Merge - NameOfYourFile.csv".

5) Add fields to text objects

Now draw up an Art Text object using the Artistic Text Tool. Again in the top left cell, with the Data Merge Layout selected. When you get the blinking cursor, insert a field from your data by double clicking on that field in the fields panel. It should be displayed as a <Field Name> place holder in your Art Text.

6) Generate

Now open the Data Merge Manager again from the Document menu. Click the Generate button. This should generate as many instances of your template as there are records or cells (whichever is lower, I think). The generated instances are produced as an entirely new unsaved document. You can save / print it, or switch back to the template document using View -> Views.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for this! I just last week started playing with the new beta and was perplexed on how to work with a merge, even after reading the Help file! Hopefully the release will have much clearer instructions similar to what you've presented! 


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Thanks, Dan. I'm sure it will.

I played with it a while and finally figured out how to merge data a couple of days ago.

I appreciate you getting back to me.


p.s. Tomorrow, I'm leading an advanced indesign webinar for 102 graphic designers in North America. In early March, I will be leading a two-hour session for designers making the move to Affinity Publisher. Attached is a column I wrote a couple of days ago.


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