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RC3 -- Big Issue with linked file

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Hey guys,

I have a desiger file with about 20 artboards and a Publisher file with 15 pages, each page showing one of the artboards (linked in a image frame).
When I open the Publisher file with RC3, the Resource Manager only shows "page 12" of my Designer file and all the linked artboards / frames are gone with exception of one an that's messed up.

I downloaded the current beta of Designer ans re-saved and re-linked the file, but the issue still persists.
I have not tried re-creating the linked image frames (will do so this evening), but this ... doesn't look very good.

Attached a screenshot of the problem.

If you want to investigate, I can upload the following files:
-- Original Designer 1.8.6 file (linked artboards)
-- Publisher Beta file with broken links


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3 hours ago, Jon P said:

I've created a couple of test files and this seemed ok, can you upload the relevant files here?


To reproduce the issue, pleaes do the following:
- Open Publisher File
- Open Rescources Manager (so far it looks good, just the linked file is missing)
- Select linked file and re-link to "designer_file"
- now  instead of one linked file with several instances (little arrow next to it) you have one instance and lots of empty image boxes as on the screenshot above

To solve the issue, I have deleted all image frames and re-created them, re-linking the file and now it seems to work -- must be an issue that occurs when a file from an older beta is opened in the most recent one. The files I sent are the ,old' broken ones.

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I encounter with the same issue with .aphoto file placed into Picture Frame within Publisher. The size and the position within Picture Frame break on file update. The Picture Frame settings for scaling are set to None. So, I tested it with current Beta, and the issue persists. I think this issue must be on priority list, because updating content is essential feature for a publishing software.
MacBook Pro 2008 / OSX 10.11.16

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