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I have searched both web and Affinity Designer itself and I can't find any informations if following is possible:

Is it possible in AD to have more advanced transform, duplicate options? In Corel Draw you can easily multiply an object by a set amount of pixels/milimeters using "relative to object" mode in Transform tool


it also allows me to insert the number of copies I need. Is there any way of doing this in Designer? I know there is the duplicate option but I'm having problems with it (and also, hitting Ctrl+J 20 or 30 times to get the desired number of copies seems exhausting).

Basically, I need to print and cut on plotter a number of labels. The label is text and a rectangle around it that acts as a cutting line later when I cut the labels on the plotter. I can save time and space if I change the rectangles into a grid (so the ploter cuts in a few long lines instead of cutting multiple rectangles). But in order for that to work I still have to duplicate a rectangle multiple times in a way that the rectangles stick to eachother. But when I hold alt+shift to move the copy, the copy never snaps to the previous rectangle. So when I use duplicate (Ctrl+J), the rectangles would never be in perfect alignment and moved the desired amount, so later created grid won't match and the labels would be uneven. In Corel I can easily do it with Relative Position option.

Is there any way do that in Affinity Designer (or Publisher, I have it also)?

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There’s no way to tell the software that you want to make multiple copies of the same selected layer(s) but you can, under certain circumstances, if you want lots of copies, make one duplicate of the original layer, then select both copies and duplicate those, then select the four copies and duplicate those, making eight copies, and so on.

If you have Alt pressed down while you are dragging the layer(s) then you have selected to temporarily turn snapping OFF (see the Status bar for confirmation, as in my attached image). Just don’t keep Alt pressed.

Screenshot 2021-01-29 095211.png

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