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Hello everyone

Is there are a known issue with the Affinity Apps (namely Designer and Photo) that they behave laggy/sluggish since a recent update?

I use them on a regular basis since years, but "lately" (I think a couple of months, not sure) they are very laggy when dragging or scrolling a canvas and it even influences other apps (like Spotify(Native App)/Youtube (Browser) where the music hickups when I scroll/pan around). I never had that issue before, not on this system and not the older one with less performance.

Edit: I just realized that it's even enough to trigger if I focus the Affinity Designer window or moving the mouse over it (like the hickups in Spotify/Youtube). If it's open in the background there's no hickups.

My system:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (AM4, 3.60GHz, 6-Core)
32GB, DDR4-3600, DIMM 288
Windows 10

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Hi JokeRat,

Are you able to supply us with some information about your display set up please, namely what make/model of displays are you using (if you have more than 1, then list each), what resolution and refresh rate you're using and also what display DPI setting you're using for each monitor in Windows.

Also what graphics card drivers are you using and what version? Are they NVIDIA's Game Ready driver or the Studio Driver.


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Hi Sean,

Thanks for your reply. I try to list the infos below:

I use 2 monitors.

- Asus ROG PG278QR (main monitor), 165Hz
- Asus PB278, 60Hz
both on 2560 x 1440

GPU-Driver: 461.40 (Game Ready)

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Is the Asus ROG monitor using G-Sync? If so could you try disabling that and see if that helps with the behaviour? If not does setting that monitor to 60hz stop it from happening? I've seen a couple of other reports of similar behaviour with sound and flickering and they're all using 2560x1440 at a high refresh rate.

Unfortunately I don't currently have that hardware available to me to test with right now. I'm currently using a Dell U2718Q 4k screen (at 150% Display DPI in Windows) at 60hz and a Benq GW2470H at 1080p (100% Display DPI in Windows) 60hz monitor connected to a Geforce 1080 using the 461.40 Studio Drivers and not getting any sort of behaviour like this.



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