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Shadows and Highlights filter (legacy 1.6) causes artifacts in conjunction with OpenCL Hardware Acceleration

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The current beta (in fact the last one suffered from the same issue) shows artifacts when using the Shadows & Highlights filter (legacy 1.6, live filter as well as normal filter) while OpenCL hardware acceleration is active. Deactivating hardware acceleration fixes the issue.

Btw: It's only the legacy version of the filter that shows these artifacts, the standard version seems to be fine.

P.S. I'd love to upload a screenshot but unfortunately I cannot upload my .jpg files (an error message saying "-200" appears). I'd love to document this error message with another screenshot but: "-200" 😉

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I uploaded 3 files: Two screenshots to document the issue and one afphoto file. To reproduce the error simply open the file with the latest beta, add a legacy 1.6 shadows & highlights filter and play with the sliders. Make sure that OpenCL hardware acceleration is active.

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2 minutes ago, altae said:

I just wanted to let you know that the issue is still present in

thanks I have updated the report

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