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unexpected results using Divide

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Using Divide works fine except when I have a shape completely inside another shape. Attached is an example of the results I'm getting:


1. This shows the 3 shapes I'm using.

2. Here they are overlapping each other completely inside one another.

3. When I click "Divide," I expect to get 3 new shapes: 1 blue ring, 1 red ring, and 1 yellow circle. But instead it looks none of the circles are being divided (cut into) and a filled circle is being created where holes should be.



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Hey Matt I'm running into problems using divide as well. Some things you'd think should be chopped up are connecting and vice versa.  It was working last week much better.  In some cases the lines are moving after a divide operation and/or duplicating, sort of like the circles posted above - 2 blue circles, 2 red circles. Don't know if it's related but at smaller sizes when expanding a stroke, small shifts are happening, almost like line smoothing is affecting the new shape... would like your thoughts on these mysteries. Thanks.


EDIT- I added a screenshot of what's going on... the shape on the far right is one continuous path that actually crosses over itself and also has a gap at one end. It should be all chopped up in many pieces that I can then unite or combine to form the end shape that I need. There are also extra pieces created that get in the way and eventually have to be discovered and deleted... right now this is stopping me in my tracks. I create a ton of shapes this way and will have to wait for a fix. Looking forward to it. Cheers.


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