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Hi, I've recently bought the Affinity Designer.

And I am also a hardcore Sketch user.


I really like Affinity's speed, zoom, layers and snapping comparing to Sketch.


But for me it is a pain to design most of common CSS-related parts of UI like box-shadows and border sides.

Also it is hard to input many values from keyboard alone.

Or maybe am I missing something?


Can you recommend some Tips & Tricks for UI design using Affinity Designer?

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Welcome to the forums Njke!


If you've been using Sketch for sometime it may take a while for you to get used to Affinity Designer. I always find working on a sample project a good way to pickup the shortcuts and get familiar with a new app. Perhaps watching our video tutorials will give you some hints and tips to better use the app. You could also watch MixMediaSalad's YouTube tutorial on How to design a website in AD to see what's possible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp2Aq_imf00


I'm pretty sure our devs have stated in the past that more features relating to UI design will come in the future :)



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Hello Njke,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)


Currently Affinity already offers quite a few great tools for UI, but there's still a few things missing, most of them will be addressed soon or are already planned for later.

Multiplie effects/fills/strokes per shape, guides/grids and snapping improvements, Export Persona improvements, symbols, text styles, pages and artboards are all on our roadmap to be implemented.


Here's another video tutorial that may interest you. You can use the Pen tool (with snapping enabled) to quickly add borders to shapes.

For inserting values, do you know you can click over an input label and start immediately writing the value without selecting/deleting the existing text in the input box?

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