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Suddenly ASSETS Categories are a MESS

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Yesterday my Assets panel just went haywire.

The Assets Categories are fine all the way down to a certain point. The content match the title of the Category as it should.

After that, the 13 categories at the bottom have the wrong titles. When I open one of them and select Rename category... the name that pops up in the dialogue box is the correct one!

When I try adding a new category and rename a previous one, the last category disappears! When I make another category, the content reappears, but under the wrong Category name...!

If I create a new Category and rename it, no name shows. The field where the new name of the new Category should show is empty.

It's like trying to design in the Twilight Zone...

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Additional information to the problem.
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Alright, so the Assets are stored here:
~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Data/Library/Application Support/user/assets.propcol

Seems likely that this file is somehow corrupted.
So, you may now want to copy all Assets objects to a new Designer document as a temporary storage.
Then quit Designer, navigate to that file and move it somewhere else.
Relaunch Designer and rebuild your assets.
If it helps, then the file was the culprit and you can trash the old one.
If not, hm, then possibly one of the actual asset objects within is somehow corrupted per se.

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Alright. I've got probably in the thousands of assets, so that is going to take a while. I really, really hope this works. It'll give me a chance (perhaps) to see if any object in one of the categories is behaving strangely. Are the "factory" assets also stored in that container you listed, or are they stored in a separate container?

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12 minutes ago, Norway4T said:

Are the "factory" assets also stored in that container you listed, or are they stored in a separate container?

I guess those are in this file:
/Applications/Affinity Designer.app/Contents/Resources/assets.propcol

So you wouldn't have to delete copy those.

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Thank you very, very much, loukash! I managed to move my assets over into a document and start afresh. It took a couple of days work. I never want to do that ever again! So, I have made an automatic backup of the assets file regularly! Again, a HUGE THANK YOU! When that assets file became messed up, I was beginning to despair, because I use assets quite a lot. It all worked out in the end with some hard work and your invaluable help!

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