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Suggestion for a better german translating

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I found this translation in "My Account"


I suggest to use "Paket" instaed of "Bündel". Bündel is not wrong, but it has an other sense in the german language. In this case in germany we talk about a software package.
Here you can see what i mean Bündel in german language

It´s only a suggestion. Maybe i´m wrong?!? 😉

Have a nice day.
Ich wünsche einen schönen Tag.

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As a native German too, i would second Uwe's request. Bündel is mostly outdated language and used today only in very specific situations (alte Bücher, Maßnahmenbündel, Mathematikbücher). "Paket" is the modern term and much more approptiate for the context in Affinity. Especially as Affinity tries to use it in the context of downloading which is the online equivalent to (physical) shipping of goods, packet ("Paket") make more sense.

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3 hours ago, Ray S. said:

But you can say" bundle" for german "Bündel", so to me there is nothing "wrong" here.

As i wrote in my Posting... "Bündel" is not wrong, but as @NotMyFault and @klauspstein wrote, outdated in the modern language. Most times if i load software there are packages (Pakete) offert.

Have a nice day.
Ich wünsche einen schönen Tag.

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In Danish we would probably use the Danish word for package. The word bundle/Bündel/bundt is never used in connection with software in Danish. Ever. The use of bundle in an IT context varies from country to country, so you may be right, @Uwe367 from what I know about German.

The Danish definition of bundle/Bündel/bundt :

uniform objects that are gathered tightly and most often held together by means of a string, an elastic band, etc. eg vegetables, newspapers or branches

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