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Designer - Synchronise defaults from selection not fully working

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I mentioned this in another topic but posting it here as it seems to be a bug...


Make a shape with a fill and stroke colour.

select it (use the blue cloud with the up arrow icon) to synchronise defaults from selection.

select the rect shape tool, draw a rect it's all fine - I get stroke and colour.

now try the pen tool. I only get the stroke.


Seems like it's been broken for a while, my MAS version has this issue as does the latest beta.


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Hi Malcolm


Do you have use fill ticked on the context toolbar when using the pen? This should add the fill in you saved as a default




No I didn't have use fill checked. Thanks for the heads up on that one. I expected synchronise to apply the entire style - If no one else has been befuddled by this best chalk it up as user error :) 


Thanks again.

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