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Affinity Publisher Too Slow and Freezing with Every Click


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Hello All, 

I have created an architecture portfolio with Affinity Publisher. When starting and completing the initial draft this summer everything was running smoothly. I opened it after not touching it for a couple months and now the file is basically untouchable. Every click presents the an issue of the apple scrolling wheel and lag that last for 15 mins plus. I am using the most up to date version of the desktop app and my imac specs will be attached below. I am also leaving my file here to see if its a bug with my file.  Can this be coming from my Imac or issues with the app itself? My file is about 120 pages with lots of high res pdfs and text. I know this makes the file huge and I should expect some lag but I have done 200 page documents on indesign with having way less lag on the same computer. 

Thanks for any help!

Imac Info.png


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Hi JennyLynn,
Welcome to the Affinity Forums!

• When you open the .afpub are all images displayed in sharp, highres / not blury look ?
• How was the .afpub created? Is it an IDML import?

I don't experience any delays when moving / scaling picture frames / editing text in your .afpub. Since I don't have the linked images I suppose your delays might be related to them. Consider there are a few quite large PDFs linked, e.g. 2,3 GB.

I notice an oddity with your linked PDFs: If selected they don't show the typical "Page Box:" pulldown option in the context bar (but rather the UI as for pixel images).


Just two notes which can simplify the workflow in APub:
– Apparently some Picture Frames aren't filled properly...:
   ...They don't show/offer their typical options (e.g. scaling bar below).
   ...They display the X indicator of empty frames on top of the images.
   ...In the layers panel they don't show the tiny x-square indicator on the thumbnail of their nested image/pdf.
To fix this just select an image in the layers panel + move it onto the name (e.g. "(Picture Frame)") of its parent layer.

– Though your layout looks perfect it might help for future projects to use saved text styles. That makes it a lot easier to format certain text content, single characters with separate fonts (e.g. the filled red triangles) as character styles included.


macOS 10.14.6 | MacBookPro Retina 15" | Eizo 27" | Affinity V1 only

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