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Can I move the x:y ruler axis?

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Hi J a n,
I've replied to this topic in 2015 with the information i had at the time. Since then artboards were introduced and with them a few features were delayed/postponed in particular those tied with canvas/artboards in some way as is the case with rulers origin/axis (as i ended up updating/explaining in my second post on this thread). Artboards had a great impact on a huge number of features as you may guess - from export persona, to document settings implications (resizes, bleeds etc), to grids, guides, rulers, layer stacking etc etc - several features have been tweaked/improved to accommodate their introduction. Rulers unfortunately were not one of them (yet). I'm sorry the information i provided at the time didn't end up being correct but even so i believe it was still better than saying nothing at all/give no feedback. We try to be as much open as we can and i believe end users do value that even if sometimes things don't go as we hoped for.

Thanks for your understanding.

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