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When I create a afpub-file with transparencies and I want to export as pdf x4 the following occurs:

in the x4-settings I choose rasterizing nothing.

I place a pdf-vector-logo (the blue star on the upper right side) and transparence it. Exporting result: the transparency vanishes.

I place the same vector logo as a afdesign-file. Result the transparency vanishes

I open the pdf-file in afpub and copy it in my file then a make the transparency: same result

I copy the afdesign-file and paste it in my afpub-file, then I transparence it. Result: everything is just as I want it.

The preset of the x4-Pdf-setting is rasterizing the not supported parts. When I do not force to rasterizing nothing, the vector-transparencies are always rasterized. My printing-house says this not ok for x4-pdfs.

I tested exactly the same in Indesign with placed pdf: In Indesign x4 pdfs are not rasterized, just as the printing-house wants it.

in Afpub after weeks I found the resolution with the copied and pasted Afdesign-file, but this is a crazy workaround. I cannot convert all my vector-PDFs to Afdesign-files.

Could you please change this behaviour. All vector-pdfs with transparency should normally not be rasterized while exporting to x4-pdfs..




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I am talking about the blue star, the logo of a nonprofitorganisation, and this star is only not rasterized as I described above. The other vector stars are directly from publisher, and even they are rasterized, when in exporting to pdf x4 I choose rasterizing: not supported features.

you can check it with the afpub-files I uploaded.

The only way not to rasterize the blue star is the one with incopied AF-designer-file and in exportdialog I force to rasterize nothing.



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Hello Gabe, Now I looked to your upload, this is the one with the incopied afdesigner blue star. That is the only one that is working, I wrote it above. But you are right, it is much better without the softproof adjustment. Thanx a lot for this hint!!!

It works also with the placed afdesigner blue star, that before did not work. GREAT!

But one problem is not solved with this hint:

I checked it with the pdf-file, but the blue star pdf does not work like that. It is rasterized with option "not supported features" and looses transparency with the option rasterizing: nothing

You can check it with the zipped material in my last post (you only have to delete the softproof adjustment). 

Best wishes for the New Year from Munich, Germany

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1 hour ago, peterfri said:


It works also with the placed afdesigner blue star, that before did not work. GREAT!


After one hour this does not work again I really don‘t understand, what is the problem. The only one that is working is the incopied blue-star out of Designer.

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I made some more tests:

I created a totally new afpubfile with the the picture and the blue star.

I export to pdf x4:

Transparency without rasterising vectors is not working with placed vector files, it makes no difference if it is pdf or afdesigner.

Transparency without rasterising vectors is only working when you open the pdf or afdesigner file with Publisher and then incopy it into the afpubfile with the picture. And it only works when you don‘t group the vector file before you use the transparency tool.

The uploaded file is with the incopied star before grouping and transparencing.


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Why do you untick the "Allow advanced features" when it's a default option with the X4 preset? Its role (among other things) is to keep transparency as vectors:



Allow advanced features—when selected, all design features supported by the PDF file format are exported as vectors. If this option is off, depending on the nature of these features, they are rasterized or converted to curves on export. These features include:

  • Artistic text which has been horizontally or vertically stretched.
  • Text which has an applied stroke.
  • Linear and radial gradients.
  • Non-solid transparencies.


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I think we just got a bit confused. Can you attach a screen recording of your workflow, so we can see where exactly is it rasterising? If I export with PDF X/4 preset, the blue top part is not rasterised. 

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when you group the blue star, it will be rasterised.

when you do not group it is ok, I know.

And when you place the star as pdf it will also be rasterised. I send you again the blue star as pdf.

You can place the pdf on the picture and you will see (i hope) that it is rasterised.

I want to make a film, but it could last some time, perhaps tomorrow.

GesundhL farbigRB106ohneRandCMYK.pdf

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