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Shape border sharing!

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I'd like to see a feature that allows a shape to share its border(s) with one (or more) shapes. This would allow a user to change the borders of adjacent shapes quickly, and without having to worry about making one border exactly lie on top of another border after a reshaping, or managing which shape's layer positioned relative to the layer of other shapes. 

Or maybe I'm missing this feature. I'm new at AD. Plz let me know if such feature exists.


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Can you post a mock-up showing what you mean, or point to an example uploaded elsewhere?

Alfred spacer.png
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A good while back, I had the same problem when drawing maps. I had boundary to a wood and several coupes (coppice areas) within it. I needed to have the boundaries aligned. It can be done, but it is fiddly. My guess is that geometry operations would do it.


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Thanks John.

Alfred, John's use case of a map is a good one. Imagine you are making an imaginary map of countries and bodies of water. Each country/body borders several other countries/bodies, as you would expect with a map. Oh, and the borders are not straight, but wavy. What I'm looking for is a way to shift the borders around (eg, dragging a border to make one country bigger and another country smaller WITHOUT having to ensure, for example, that the layer for the country that I'm making larger is above the layer of the countries that are becoming smaller. How can this be done without constantly managing layers and overlaps?

Let me know if an example would still help.


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