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Fun with Greek Patterns (possible 'symbols' feature request)

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Had fun playing with the symbols feature I did this little Peloponnesian sketch.

I would like to manipulate every other 'spiral' in two separate symbol groups. So is it possible way to separate some symbols but keep the separated ones linked so I can edit both groups later.

(for example create a alternating convex and concave curve on the outside of the pattern )

If anyone wants to use this for a project feel free. it only took a few minutes to create. I just wanted to test the feature. 



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Oh yes, you can have hours of fun with symbols -- they're addictive! Especially with this kind of design . . . 
Now, this is not quite what you're doing, but a few years back I made some brushes to create Greek key patterns. If they're of any use to you, you're welcome to download them from the link in the topic below. I made them partly as an exercise in brush-making, so if you're new to making brushes, you might find it helpful to click the brushes' 'More' tab to see how they're made.



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Agree with @Slammer, a slippery slope but very good for familiarising yourself with Affinity and inspiration for larger projects.

On the subject of Greek patterns, I recently created my version of a cover of a game called Agon. (https://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/292344/agon-2nd-edition)

I created a few Greek Raster Pattern brushes. I will upload them to the resources if anyone wants them, when I figure out how to do one of those brush sheets that everyone seems to use.


Affinity Designer, iMac, Wacom Intuos Pro

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