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Selecting shapes/paths at higher zoom levels.

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I've noted that i'm having a hard time selecting objects when working at high zoom levels. Frequently the path/shape is not selected even after clicking several times, or a near path is selected instead.


I've created a file that tries to show the problem. The idea is to sequentially select the circles moving back and forward, jumping two or three at times, or clicking away from the circles and get back to selecting them. Hopefully it will show the problem i'm trying to describe.


The sample file contains some instructions to get you there.


Illustrator have some trouble selecting the circles too, mostly because we have to select them exactly in the middle of the path, however it helps a little showing a little square near the cursor when we are over the middle of the path. Overall it seems a little more precise at 4800% and 6400% (the maximum it allows you to go) than Affinity.



Note to Moderators: The forum upload doesn't work. It always gives the same error no matter the file type: This upload failed.

It was working fine yesterday. I suppose i'm not the only one having trouble uploading files.

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I have downloaded the file and understood clear that issue and problematic. I never (yet) worked so in detail into a drawing but, should be a great thing to have the possiblilty and precision to select properly those tiny objects. besides, when AF it's proud of the zoom factor you can get thanks to this program. :)


I suggest something, maybe it's a good thing for selecting so tiny elements


In Autocad for selecting, we (cad users) always use a selection area... and it works differently depending from which corner (top left/right or button left/right) you start to create that "window" or "area".


Creating the window from any of the top corners.

(so it's works now AF and it's the unique mode to select, besides aiming and hitting as Robin Hood into the center of the line everytime)


Creating the selection window from the button corners.





The thing is: that selecting window when being create from the button to the top (to the left or right side) would select those 3 circles... if they are all into the actual layer/group we're working with... or if they are in differnet layers/groups but the"edit all layers" button it's ON.



P.S: it's just a suggestion of course, but I think can be very useful in a lot of tricky situations like this (besides increasing the precision at those zoom factors as MEB so aptly suggested)

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