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"Unlock All" for Layers

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Hi, everybody!


First some background: 

My name is Josh & I am an illustrator, graphic artist, and graduate from the Academy of Art University, SF CA. If anyone has read the news AAU students are given an Adobe license for the Adobe Suite along with their attendance . I worked with the Adobe master suite for my entire tenure. But, due to Adobe changing their software into a monthly charge, hundreds of graduates have gotten their Adobe licenses revoked; leaving illustrators, graphic designers, and artists of all types without the tools to do their jobs.


That being said, I found Affinity Designer & Photo. Ever since downloading I have not been disappointed and can easily say that Affinity software is a very big threat to Adobe. I love the software and its professional quality for a great price & no monthly subscription! it is so dependable that i have done away with Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop. And that is one relationship that is hard to break! 


Feature Request:

So my feature request is as titled above. Attached to this post is a digital vector painting I did with Affinity Designer (I plan to do more). The filigree is separated into separate paths for editing as well as most of the border. The process of going back in and finding what is locked is arduous. I wish that there were some way to unlock all layers and to quickly lock them. For example, in Illustrator you can click and drag down the menu of layers to quickly lock or unlock all layers. Then, if you have some locked and some not, you can SHIFT + CMND + A to select all and then OPT + CMND + L to unlock all and any layers that may be locked. 


That is one feature I would love to see in the next update. It would make intricate and files with many layers so much more workable and less frustrating. 


I look forward to participating more with this forum and learning more about the incredible Affinity Suite.


~ Josh




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Good morning Affinity


The lock, unlock all really needs to be fixed. The current keyboard shortcut does not work and going through the layers palette to find the locked item (especially in complex illustrations) is extremely painful. I used this feature all the time in Illustrator and it's something that really needs to be addressed in Affinity Designer. I am using the current beta of Designer and the problem is still there. Hopefully it can be fixed in future updates.





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I agree with you, having to scour the layer stacks to find items that were locked to unlock them is time consuming and a "Unlock All" command would greatly alleviate this problem. 



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