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Wrong Color/Values

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Colors appear different than expected/shown in other apps (including ones with color management).
to illustrate this, i opened a website with a palette that shows the expected HEX values and used a color picker to confirm:

pasting giving code to a field within Designer (also Photo) results in a visually different color, again confirmed with a color picker:

the deviation is more noticeable with darker colors.
i use the standard sRGB color profile as shown in this image:

my display only covers the sRGB space and is calibrated towards that using DispalyCal (80 nits, D6500, 2.2 Gamma)
OS: W10/64

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hello @Gabe,

i did open the provided image with both, my main browsers and Photo/Designer and they show full color. i also opened it in a regular image viewer that did show the tint, which wasn't present in the former cases.

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If you don't see any difference between the browser and our app using the tagged image, then it's all working fine :) Looks like your image viewer does not colour manage though, so I suggest you use something that works correctly. :) 

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i do see the same difference as stated initially of course -- the values are slightly different.
the test image only verified that color management is working (no purple tint) with the programs that matter (the image viewer i mentioned was just to see the tint and does not matter).

so the issue is not resolved!

please note if there is anything confusing about the problem that i should elaborate on.

also, the goal with working in SRGB for me is to land on the exact same color as apps that don't color manage as well, because the target apps that is designed for usually does not.

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i can't do a screen recording right now, but i followed the exact steps and made screenshots:

this is the overview, a rectangle with the color value on the right in Designer and beside on the left is the snipping screenshot from the clipboard. website in the background and leftmost the snipping tool.

here are eyedropper values directly from the build-in Designer tool.


as you can see, it shows the wrong value outside of the application on the website color field and shows the right value on the clipboard file within Designer (but that field is visually wrong).


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