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Palette Gear compatibility

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Hey all including hopefully some of the developers. I just heard about Palette Gear which Press Release shows launched two months ago.


I just sent them an email and hoping some others will too. Maybe if enough of us tell them we'd like it to have full compatibility with Affinity products they'll implement it. I for one would love to get in on them as a holiday gift to myself. If anyone and especially the Affinity Developers could try to push the Palette Gear guys to support Affinity it would be fantastic.


Here's the exact email I sent if anyone wants a template:



Hi, just heard about your hardware. Any timeframe or even idea whether it will be compatible with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer? I've started migrating over to their software for all my still work and would be real interested in setting it up with Palette. Their software's speed, live previewing, and split screens would all be amazing to use with physical sliders and dials.



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Wow! Amazing! I love alternate, tactile input devices... :) Great share!

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Received a reply:



Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your interest in Palette! 
Palette will already work with any keyboard shortcuts that Affinity has programmed into their software (i.e. pen, pencil, gradients, vector brush, etc.). I will add Affinity to our pipeline and at earliest we could start looking at deeper integrations in late 2016. I can't make any guaranteed promises for integration deeper than the current keyboard shortcuts but can assure you that we will look into it; taking into account the demand from customers. A lot of our deeper integrations also depend on companies like Affinity opening their SDK to our developers.
Sorry I can't be of more help at this stage.
Marketing & Community Coordinator

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What ?!!!


Made my day!


Yep it's right there on their webpage! I really don't know what to make of it!  

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