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[By Design] Freehand file import

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I'm glad to find Affinity Designer. The most feature I want is Freehand File Import, for I'm a long time Freehand user and un-happy with AI. So I download the Trial version to try it.


For the first try, AD is make me comport. Although not as same as Freehand's behaviour, I still feel good in it. But in the most important feature for me, “Open Freehand File” got a problem. After I open or place a Freehand file by AD, ALL text elements are gone. The graphic is OK, but text are just missing.


I have thousands of Freehand file and looking for a alternate for me to use in a new Mac. (The old one I keep it in OS X 10.6.8 to use Freehand, but it is 8 years old already) AI CS5 can open Freehand but AI doesn't made me happy. I hopes AD can be my end of searching.

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On 9/10/2015 at 3:54 AM, Chris_K said:

Hi mackid


I'm afraid at the moment thi is by design, we don't support text in freehand files as there were many issue trying to import it. It is something that was logged many moons ago



Checking in 3+ years after Chris_K's post. 

Has Affinity Designer's ability to import text from Freehand MX files been re-evaluated in the intervening years? What is Serif's official stance on this matter?

Reason I ask: I purchased Affinity Designer several months ago based on my understanding from Andy Somerfield's 10/1/2014 post (a year before Chris_K's above reply) in the Affinity Designer forum FreeHand tools & FreeHand file-open?, when he said, and I quote: "We'll tackle FH text import soon". 

Chris_K's post seems to directly contradict Mr. Somerfield's post. I saw the Somerfield post when I was considering purchasing Designer; I just came across Chris_K's post a few minutes ago. 

Is Freehand MX text import no longer a part of the Affinity Designer for Desktop roadmap? If Serif did change course from Mr. Somerfield's 2014 post, why has it been so hard to find official, clearly-posted, reliable, non-conflicting information about that stance? 

If Freehand MX text import is no longer on the official roadmap, then the entire reason I purchased Affinity Designer is for naught.

In which case, where might I and others like me go to request a full refund?

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