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Slice creation and export scaling

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Hi Affinity, 


I currently have two main issues when getting files out for game development. (I appreciate my needs may be different from the crowd and could be at the bottom of the pile on account).


Current flow for the majority of my work. 


-Create artwork using Layers/Groups named with export names.

-Use the 'Create slice' from currently selected object.

-This works great as it uses the name of the object - good clean files easily understood.


However... the size of the slice generated is almost always not what I want. The slice seems to be generated from the bounding box of the object selected (plus all it's children and adjustment layers). If I add a vector mask to the layer/group the slice generated is still of the entire bounding box not the vector mask bounding box. The result is I have to manually resize (sometimes over 100) slices! Feel my pain?


Q1. Could the slice generated take the bounding box of a vector mask if it's applied to the object (the one who's name is used)? And if so could it retain the link so that if the mask is resized the slice is resized. That would give me rock solid slices.


Export sizes are very restrictive. I often want to export smaller and larger and not always at 1x 2x 3x 

Currently I'm having to batch files I want smaller through photoplop which brings me out in an itchy rash :)


Q2. As a quick-ish fix could there be another tick box which allows users to type in a scale. 0.5 for example?


I appreciate everyone at Affinity is working really hard and you get all sorts of requests daily. I've been using Affinity in production now on our games since it's release and exporting has been my biggest hurdle since day 1 otherwise I love it and you guys rock.

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Hello Malcom,


I agree with you we need to be able to set direclty the export size as a percentage or pixel size (witout having to rescale the layer before rescaling the slice).

In fact what need is the same export  system as there is in adobe Illustrator. 





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It would be interesting to know what goes on behind the 1x 2x 3x scaling options.


My hope is that it can be an arbitrary number which should service any need!

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Hi Malcolm,


Yes, I do feel your pain and I can at least try to offer some light at the end of the tunnel... The fact that it ignores the box of a vector clip applied to the object you create the slice from sounds like a bug to me - it's definitely undesirable so should be fixed IMHO. It also should work if you later change that clip's box and update accordingly. With regards to your request for arbitrary-sized exports, I think the plan is for Export Persona to arrange things hierarchically so you can hang a number of different arbitrary-size exports off a node (possibly in different formats too) and that you'd be able to easily specify, for example "512w", "1024h" or whatever your requirements...


I know it's a weak point at the moment but the infrastructure is all there to actually make this incredibly full-functioned and powerful, so we'll get there as soon as we can! :)  Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime though :(


Thanks again,


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Hey Matt,


Sounds like the pain won't last forever. If the slices bug could be bumped up that would be AMAZING, I've literally spent several hours today resizing slices  :wacko:

One more which may be a bug... multiple highlighted slices to select all highlighted doesn't work in export persona. Manually unchecking ~100 layers one by one to re-export a few!


The plan for export sizes sounds like what I was hoping for as a proper solution. It will indeed be powerful.


I'll keep checking the betas as they come.


All the best chap.

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Not sure if it is a good idea to hi-jack this old thread but the original post describes exactly what I'm looking for.


Has it in the meantime become possible to specify the export sizes by pixels somehow? I have images that I need in various different sizes for different platforms. I haven't been able to come up with the ideal size for the source image that would cover all required exports with the scaling options I found. Being able to export all slices in all sizes at once could be an enormous time saver.




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