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Inserting screenshots will result in different color profiles

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Just encountered a bug that seems to be still present with wrong color representation (washed out colors) when adding screenshots to Affinity Designer.
It's a very similar issue as posted here and is not solved:


https://marketmix.com/de/affinity-designer-photo-fehlfarben-screenshot/ (only German)
Here the author sais that it was fixed in 1.6.1 but this bug seems to be back then because I still need to use the workaround from this blog.

I try to give as many examples and data so you can track down this bug.

- - -

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a screenshot with the mac internal screenshot tool (also tried another one from the app store with similiar results) with Command + Shift + 4 for example.

2. Save it to the desktop

3. Open Affinity Designer 

4. Drag the screenshot from desktop into Affinity Designer (or File > New from clipboard or creating a canvas first and then pasting or dragging the screenshot)

> Colors in AF are different than the screenshot with the mac preview app (see comparison screenshot below)

File "Screenshot Original.png" is attached to this post so you can try it out.
- - -


- iMac 21,5" Late 2015
- macOS Catalina 10.15.7
- Affinity Designer from the App Store (v1.8.6)
- 2 Displays attached (HP E243i & Eizo EV2216W)

Screenshot was taken on the internal iMac Display (and also tried it out with the external displays completely disconnected).

- - -

Screenshots to track down the issue:

iMac Display Color Profile (German but relevant info is English)


Information on the Screenshot itself (German but relevant info is color space RGB and color profile iMac)


Affinity Designer Preferences


Affinity Designer Document Setup


Screenshot Comparison (left wrong color / right screenshot with mac preview app correct)


- - -

Other tests and workarounds:

When inserting the same screenshot to Adobe XD or other Design apps the colors are fine. So seems to be an Affinity specific issue.

Workaround is currently:
Opening the screenshot with mac preview app > Tools > Assign profile > Color Sync Profile (Adobe RGB (1998)) > OK
Then inserting it to Affinity Designer and the colors are fine and the document setup has set the profile to adobe instead of display.


- - -

Original Screenshot.png for you to try it out

Screenshot Original.png

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Happy New Year to everyone !
To me it does not look like a bug, because you don't use the same profile in your iMac settings as in the Affinity App settings. 
You should use the exact same icc profile to avoid those shift and preview app is not a reference at all for me, as is use the default iMac settings.

In the screenshot example #1 (iMac Display Color Profile) and screenshot #3 (Affinity colours settings) you should use:
sRGB IEC61966-2.1 as RGB Colour Profile in both settings (or any other same profile that suits your needs).

'sRGB IEC61966-2.1' is not the same as 'RGB' (iMac). More info about colour management on many site like these two ones:

Hope it helps,
Best, Eric

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