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Fujifilm film simulation LUTs I've created, if anyone wants them

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I've just spent all day (!) creating a set of Affinity LUTs for all the Fujifilm film simulations. I have a shiny new X-S10 but I shoot in RAW so Affinity doesn't give me them. The free version of Capture One reads my camera and has all of them, but I just can't get away well with the interface (when I wanted to use a film simulation, I was doing a basic develop in C1, applying the LUT and exporting to Affinity as a TIFF, which was a bit of a faff). So I used 'Infer LUT', and a lot of patience etc to create LUTs for Affinity. I then checked them out by independently developing RAW files on both C1 and Affinity to end up with a base result where I couldn't tell the difference on my monitor (which is very colur accurate), as sometimes exporting a file from C1 gave me a completely different-looking picture on Affinity. (If you're thinking that this has been a headache, you're dead right!) This was to check the accuracy of my LUTs. First of all, I wanted LUTs so they'd be easier to use on Affinity and secondly, I have hundreds and hundreds of RAW files from my Fuji X-A7 - and C1 does NOT offer me the film simulations on that, so I had no other way of using them if I wanted to.

So here's the thing. I obviously can't tell you how it comparies to in camera, but I can say the film simulation end result on Affinity is very nearly identical to the end result on C1 without the need to use C1. The only difference I can see is a slight variation in green which is visible but not great (and generally I preferred the Affinity LUT version). I also have literally no idea if they work equally well on ALL Fuji sensors/cameras because I've only just this second realised I haven't even tested them on the X-A7 raw files.

I did have a set of LUTs previously that I know I downloaded from this forum posted by some kind soul. But I found they didn't work well for me (this was my X-A7 days, but I found the same with the X-S10 files); very intense and, even with opacity turned well down, they didn't seem to match JPG film sim shots very well.

I'm actually very nervous writing this post. I'm relatively new to Affinity and this is the first post I've made on the forum and I don't know how people are going to respond to a random stranger offering gifts!

Oh, and if you're a n00b like me, the film simulations have to be applied with a LUT layer from the Photo Persona. I try and do a fairly neutral develop just to make a reasonably toned and exposed picture and send it over to Photo Persona, add the film sim LUT and then make any further changes I might want. No idea if that's the best way, it's just the one I figured out.


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7 hours ago, Patrick Resendiz said:

I did a bit more research and understand how to use infer lut now. What I’m wondering now is can I select a RAW file as my base image and a Fuji generated JPG as my second and then use the resulting inferred lut on any raw file?  This is what I’m attempting. 

I recommend that you Develop the RAW file first to a TIFF, and use that in creating your LUT. Using a RAW file in any Affinity Photo context other than File > Open or File > New Batch Job may give unsatisfactory results.

-- Walt

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I'm glad someone wiser and more knowledgeable than me showed up! I did all that stuff, but I'd have to learn again from scratch now as I've completely forgotten how I did them. I do remember there's an official Affinity video on how to go about inferring LUTs though. But I add my voice to the recommendation that you develop your RAW file first.

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