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Printing B&W from a CMYK document in Designer

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When I create a rich black object (CMYK 65/65/65/100) in Designer, and print it to my b&w laser printer, I get not a solid black but a slightly dot-patterned one, as if the file is trying to separate itself. Which makes all black text look awful. I can get a solid black print if I set the document colour mode to Gray, but mostly what I want is crispy black text surrounded by colour objects if needed. Am I missing a step?



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I had hoped I had found the answer to the same problem when I saw this query. I am tearing my hair out in frustration with this same issue. Black text looks awful. The problem persists with both of my old laser printer and my new colour laser printer. Unfortunately the RGB rather than CMYK recommendation does not solve the problem. My files are already set as RGB in my document set-up. I've been combing through all my preferences to no avail. Some of my documents are fine and some are not, so it's not a consistent problem. I know I must be missing some inanely simple solution but it's evading me. I tried copying a text block into a basic Pages document and printing the text as black at the same point size and font it looks perfect. Any ideas?

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