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AFD 1.3.5: Export as EPS : No outline exported

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I have tried to Export a AFD file as EPS and then Import it in another application, namely "Typetool v 3.1.2".

Typetool does have an EPS import function.

When imported, I get a message that there is no outline, see pic.

I've also tried to import the same file with a black fill AND an outline, but still there is no outline upon import.


The problem may very well be with Typetool, but I'd like to find out first why there is no outline recognized while

there is in fact a 3point outline in my drawing.

All suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks !



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Hi, MEB.

Yes I've tried to import in iDraw and Inkscape.


iDraw has no import function, but through File>Open the EPS file opens without problems, showing the outline.

Inkscape does have an EPS import function, but refuses to open the EPS. 

Message : "Failed to load requested file".

It does import the exported SVG file with no trouble atall. 

Unfortunately I don't have any other graphic programs that I could test it with.

I guess I'll just have to live with it.  :)

Thank you for you answer.

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Hello, Dave.

There is no way of telling whether the outline got rasterized or not : Upon import there is simply no outline data, as the message tells me.

I've tried your suggestion:

rectange, solid fill, 2pt outline.

rectangle, no fill, 2pt outline.

Exported it both as selection with and without background.

tried the various other export settings under the "More" button.

I get the same message on import into Typetool with all the attempts.

I'm giving up.........

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Try using File > Export > EPS > More and check Minimise size and uncheck Relative coordinates. I've downloaded the TypeTool 3 demo, and it failed for me with our default export but succeeded with those options, for simple vector shapes.

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Thank you, Dave !

Worked like a charm.

Who would have thought : minimize size ????

Anyway, I'll try it out on more complex shapes, hope it'll work with those, too.


Thanks again,


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Apologies for resurrecting this old thread but I had the same problem and found this topic on a search.


Thanks, Dave, for the EPS export advice - it does get AFD's EPS recognised by TypeTool (which is great), but the quality is not so good, so it's not an ideal solution (too much reworking needed in TypeTool).


Here is a screengrab showing the letter X from my font created in Adobe Illustrator (imported into AFD, I can't use my old CS2 AI on my new computer!) and then on the right the AFD-exported EPS version that I get into TypeTool through using the 'minimise size' option. It's the EPS itself here, not any conversion on TypeTool's part.


You can see the EPS has lost its smooth curve and is more angular.


Any ideas for a more accurate result, anyone? Thank you :-)


(Edit: when I used Illustrator I could select and copy the object and paste it right into TypeTool's glyph window. I could also import into ScanFont and then get it into TypeTool from there.)



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Well, after a day of downloading a bucket full of various graphics apps and file converters and having no luck with any better EPS import into TypeTool, I found two solutions. 


One was to use FontForge as a staging post between Designer and TypeTool - but FontForge is a bit of a slow hulking beast (under XQuartz).


The better solution, and the one I've gone for, is to invest in a copy of Glyphs Mini - I can paste easily between Designer and Glyphs Mini, and it's a really nice little app. I'm keeping TypeTool around - it's a good partner to GM (though may be redundant eventually).

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