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Affinity adds transparency to edges when copy paste


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Hi, i have problem I cannot resolve. When copying part of layer affinity adds transparency to copied fragment. It doesn't matter if i do copy+paste or copy+newFromClipboard. My select setting are default, no feather nor antialias enabled. I include picture where you can see difference in top edge of pasted element.


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Something similar has been happening to me as well, but as I am new to Affinity...

On Windows, CTRL + J to make a copy then editing that copy leaves the copy edges fading to transparent (10-15 pixels, maybe more).  Turning on the original fills in the edges but somewhat defeats the purpose.

After much experimenting, I think I stumbled upon the cause of the problem I am having: If I add an effects Gaussian Blur, the edges are dramatically effected.   The more blur the larger the effected edges.   Turning on "Preserve Alpha" (not the default but maybe it should be) appears to resolve the issue.

A different set of circumstances than the OP, but maybe a common link?

Can't seem to upload a file.   Getting a -200 error in a popup???



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I've uploaded test case, but noticed some other problems with it. When i select "original" layer there is some offset between layer selection and document borders. And when select arrow, copy it to clipboard and then create new document from clipboard something strange happens to colors. I have filling there is something wrong with source file.



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