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Raster brushes render differently at different zoom levels

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When drawing with a raster brush, changing the view zoom level can drastically affect the brush rendering.

This means I cannot rely on pixel brushes at all, since I have no idea how they might render on export.

It seems to happen particularly on corners and stroke ends.


This has been an issue in several versions of Affinity Designer. With each release I get my hopes up only to have them dashed.


In the attached example (showing the same stroke at different zoom levels), an exported png rendered with the flattened corner glitch.



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I can't think why this bug remains unaddressed +2 years later.

It's an obvious bug and problematic for anyone wanting to do serious illustration.


Imagine spending hours on artwork only to find it exports differently to the preview with no fix and no workaround.

The only option then would be to redraw your work using a more robust application.

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