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With Designer 1.8.6 on macOS 10.14.6, when I open an SVG file and then try to export it as PDF, the application completely crashes.

Steps to reproduce:

- open attached SVG file

- go to File / Export

- select the "PDF" tab in the export dialog

- the application crashes

I have verified the SVG and found it to be a valid SVG file. I have some other SVG images (generated from the same source) where the same behavior can be observed.


eILCD example - LDPE injection moulding parts model.svg

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Hi heat vision,

I've tried this myself and I am unable to reproduce it. Are you able to get a video that shows the crash (it should allow me to see hopefully what PDF settings you're using. Do you get a crash log generated from the app at all? If so could you attach a copy of that please (they can also be found in the Mac's Console app).

If you could also enable PDFLib logging for us and get a copy of that log, that will help. Please see my post here for information on how: 


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Dear Sean,

yes sure, please find attached a recording of what happens plus the crash report.

In the system.log, this entry appears:

Jan 10 14:00:09 MacBook-Pro-3 com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner.94384[79654]): Service exited due to SIGSEGV | sent by exc handler[79654]

kind regards,




PDFLib.log Affinity_Designer_SVG_crash_report.txt

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Thanks for those files,

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the crash, however I can see that it is crashing whilst trying to load the font when creating the PDF Export preview. Looking at the PDFLibLog it looks as though its trying to load a font called 'Times-PhoneticAlternate'. I did try downloading one myself but wasn't able to reproduce the crash.

I did a bit of futher digging and found the following article: http://www.fontgeek.net/blog/?p=6
More specifically:


The next part of this scenario involves the presence of a very common Times font called Times Phonetic. If you had Times-PhoneticAlternate of Times-PhoneticIPA present in either your font manager or in one of your various OS Fonts folders this font could and often does get used instead of the normal Times font specified in the web page. So what you would see instead of the text in Times would look like the text shown in the screenshot below.

It sounds as though this font is getting used instead of the correct version of Times on your machine. Would you be able to check FontBook and see if you have  Times-PhoneticAlternate or Times-PhoneticIPA listed. If so disable those and then retry the export. If that does the trick would it be possible for you to attach a copy of those two fonts please?

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No worries! Glad you've got it exporting now! Annoyingly it looks like its uploaded 0byte files (I've seen this happen before with Mac fonts!) Can you zip them locally and reupload at all?

Ideally would like to reproduce to pass on to development. :) 

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Thanks for that - annoyingly they still seem to be empty. We've had difficulties in the office with some colleagues just trying to get some fonts. These do appear to be some old Adobe Postscript fonts, so unfortunately might have to leave it that!

Glad you can now export at least :)

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