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Develop persona white balance tool screwed up

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Hi there,


I came across a bug in the develop persona:


Using the white balance tool and trying to draw a rectangle with it (by holding down "alt") draws the rectangle outside the photo the input value of the mouse gets flipped around (moving the mouse pointer further to the right enlarges the rectangle upwards and moving the pointer downwards enlarges the rectangle to the right). It seems to affect pictures in portrait orientation only and appears in the current AppStore version as well as the current beta!


I'm on the current OS X El Cap beta.






PS: I attached a screenshot showing the problem.


white balance.tiff

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Thanks for this Chris


I believe it's to do with the rotation of the image. From you attached TIFF it looks like you might be an iPhone image, which is auto rotated to portrait when opened.


I shall get this logged. In the meantime, if you rasterize the image/layer before entering the Develop persona this should solve the issue for you



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The image is straight from the SD card of my camera (Nikon D80), which automatically adds the rotation tags (as any modern camera does, I believe).


And I found another problem with the same tool:


When doing the same with a previously cropped layer, the rectangle again is drawn in a wrong position!



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