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I have 2 problems & it seems the only support for this program is via forums, or this mail system. Not exactly helpful.


bought from Apple app store & have version 1.3.5 there are no updates as far as I can tell, yet there appears to be a beta Why is there still a beta version when you can buy a 'full' version?


1. It seems the Haze removal tool has vanished. Is it in the beta version? 


2. In Pref - Tools tab Tool UI size there is only one option - smallest. I am unable to select any other size. Why is is disabled.


These are major issue for me & I would appreciate answers before giving you ratings on the app store.



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Read the answers to your other posts -


The haze tool is only in the beta, once well tested it will be in the updates I'm sure. The Beta is the latest out for testing for Affinity owners only.

There are an amazing amount of tutorial videos already for this very new product and the help section is very good as well.


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Hi Vitalspark,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

1) The Haze Removal filter in only available in the latest Beta which is just a way to give customers access to the latest improvements, bug fixes and new features before they are implemented in the Mac App Store version for testing and feedback purposes.


2) I´m not sure what do you mean by disabled. Can you switch to another size? Is it greyed out? That option changes the size of the nodes, control handles and bounding box controls, and not the size of the user interface icons, so you will not see any change unless you have an object selected on canvas (a shape for example).

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I recently downloaded 10 day trial version, it does not have the haze removal filter, if I purchase Affinity Photo well the haze filter appear in the filters menu ?



Hi loudonphoto,


The Haze Removal filter is currently only available in the Customer Beta Build of the App. You are able to download the Beta once you have purchased the App :)



Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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