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Incorrect tool tips and assorted problems

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There's an area on the bottom of the screen that gives tips about the current tool plus modifier keys.  If you select the brush tool then press the Control key, there are a series of notes about various key modifiers and what they're supposed to do.  One of them says, "Control + Alt to begin lasso node selection."  Control + Alt doesn't do that. It actually allows you to resize the brush directly on the screen.  While still holding the Control key, the next note says "Click + Alt to begin polygon node selection".  I'm not even sure what that means.  You only see that message while holding the Control key so the Control key must be a part of this action, right? So, holding Control, I either click first, or press alt first and drag to begin this selection but obviously, that doesn't do anything.  Click + Alt then drag results in resizing the brush. Click + drag then holding alt does nothing different than simply holding Control and dragging.  Moving along, still while holding control, the next tip says, "Drag + Right Mouse to remove nodes from the selection."  It doesn't do that.  As soon as you press the right mouse button, you simply get a context menu pop up.  The next message is "Drag + Shift + Right mouse" but obviously that just pops up the context menu. Almost everything on that list is wrong.  With a little testing, I determined that some of those things actually work while holding the node tool, but not all of them.  LOL  The "right mouse" stuff pops up a context menu.  I did some testing by selecting various other tools and trying to find one where these tips are accurate but there was inconsistency everywhere.

On another note using Control + Alt to resize the brush causes the cursor to vanish and it doesn't come back until you click somewhere.  And if you are holding the Control key when you click somewhere, it STILL won't come back.  You'll see the cursor momentarily when you click but it vanishes again when you release the click. You must not be holding the control key if you want the cursor to become visible again.  Is any of that stuff supposed to be  like, a feature done on purpose?  It's hard to imagine but you never know.  It also feels laggy when resizing the brush this way.

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Can you confirm which app you're using, its version and your OS?

The option to adjust the brushes size and hardness (raster brush) using those shortcuts was a added based on feedback.

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If it adds to the pool of knowledge, this is exactly what I observe in Affinity Designer for Windows v1.8.5.703 using vector brushes.

However, the tips make more sense when used with the pen tool or, particularly, with the node tool selected. 

The last help item (with vector brush selected) says Ctrl to use Node Tool; pressing Ctrl changes the cursor but not the tool selection in the toolbar menu. The actions depend on the node tool being selected there.

If you select the node tool (Press 'A'), the tool selection actually changes and the help actions mostly seem to work, except that rightmouse means leftmouse!

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