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Split toning on a black and white photo

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I have a photo in black and white. It is rather flat in appearance. I want to use split toning to add tone so the photo is not so flat. I don't know how to do this. Nor, I have found any tutorials which start with a black and white photo.

I would appreciate any direction, instruction or a point to a good tutorial.



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Example: A quick and dirty approach to get you going:

  1. Go to develop persona
  2. Select the panel 'Tones'
  3. Adjust the contrast curve and play with split toning too 

Girl Hands Portrait - Free photo on Pixabay



etc. etc.

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If your image is truly "black and white" (in other words it is in Greyscale format) then you'll need to convert it to colour (Document - Convert Format/ICC Profile) before you can perform any split toning or duotoning. 

Within Photo Persona I can think of two options to get you started:

1) Using a Split Toning adjustment, set the Shadows Hue to a deep blue and then adjust the Shadows Saturation to taste:



2) Add a Fill layer above the image, set its colour to taste (again I chose a dark blue) and then set the Blend Mode of the Fill layer to Soft Light and adjust the Opacity to taste:



It all depends on the effect you want to achieve, and you'll probably end up having to do a certain amount of experimentation.



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