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Frequent freezes when working with complex documents


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Publisher freezes often when I work with complex documents. (Often is subjective, I’m comparing to InDesign.) This is not a proper bug report, but a request for help with reporting a class of bugs.

Publisher freezes:

  • when switching between two open documents, especially after having copied some text (often);
  • when creating a new section using the “Add section” button in Section Manager (sometimes).

Unfortunately I cannot share the documents that reliably trigger a freeze due to an NDA. I can’t seem to reproduce the freezes when performing similar steps with simple test documents.

My understanding is that when Publisher crashes, it can automatically send crash reports with debug information that helps developers quickly pinpoint the cause of each crash. Does Publisher send similar automated reports whenever it freezes and a user forces it to quit using an operating system feature?

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Publisher also freezes:

  • when editing a particular text style;
  • when editing text in some particular text frames;
  • when recovering a document after a previous crash.

I think there are a few more cases of freezes when Windows offers to close the application. As the document becomes more complex, this starts feeling like a minefield.

Publisher can also enter a nonresponsive state after opening a document while page previews are still loading. In that state, it keeps processing Windows messages but the UI becomes unresponsive. For example, it is not possible to view a different page or expand a text style group.

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