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Can Affinity open Adobe Illustrator CS6 files?

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I'm an old school Adobe CS6 suites user on an iMac 27" High Sierra macOS 10.13.6 OS system.  I have years of adobe illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop files, that I will still need to access moving forward.  I am looking to buy a new IMac 27" and it will have Big Sur macOS 11.0.x, which will not run my Adobe CS6 software.

I was told by an apply sale person that Affinity could open these files and I would be able to continue to use them as I did in Adobe.

From past computer upgrades, I have found that this is not always the case from software to software.  I am hoping that Affinity or someone in this community has gone through a similar transition.  I would love to hear what happened, and hoping that it's true that I can open us use my old Adobe CS6 Files in Affinity!

Thank you so much for your input and knowledge to help me more forward in this transition. 

Ryan Coover

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Affinity can open the PDF part of AI-file. That is, if you have saved with "Create PDF compatible file" you can open it with Affinity. It is not though guaranteed that everything is like you set it in AI, layers setup may be lost, text blocks may be broken to lines, some grad types do not transfer clearly etc.

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Hi @Stuido Ryan Coover and welcome! You can also export InDesign documents as .idml files and import these into Affinity Publisher. Again, it's never going to be a perfect process and there are bound to be rough edges. You certainly can't open InDesign docs directly in Publisher, and any apply sales person who says you can is fibbing.

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Betas as they happen... 

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There are trial versions of all three Affinity apps:




Please note that each ten-day trial clock runs continuously from the moment you first launch the app, so you would be well advised to run one trial after the other instead of attempting to run them in parallel. The shared file format ensures that any files saved from the first or second trial can be opened in the remaining app/s.

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