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Crash with copy & paste

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Hi mornwood,

Do you use a Clipboard manager at all or any software that contains one (such as Alfred)? There is a known crash that can occur when copying objects with a clipboard manager and I was able to reproduce it with your document.

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Hi @Sean P,

I'm experiencing this bug and I'm indeed using a clipboard manager (LaunchBar one).
However, even with LaunchBar fully closed, Affinity (mainly Photo) do crash at minimum 50% the time when I hit ⌘c.
Such a tool is a pilar need on my workflow, I would love this to be fixed.

I'm fully available if ever you want a screen sharing to debug on my computer.


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15 minutes ago, Tazintosh said:


Steps to reproduce:

  • Select the layer named "Copy-Paste Me"
  • Deselect it (do it)
  • Select it back again
  • Press ⌘C
  • --> Instant Crash
  • In fact, it's not a crash on Copy/Paste, it's just on Copy :)

Crash on Copy-Paste.afphoto 11.69 kB · 0 downloads

Thanks for that! Interestingly that file does only crash when I have a clipboard manager running, so its certainly looking like the same crash. I'll get it bumped with development.

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ok. i can reliably repro this issue - "CMD+C" gives an instant crash. 

If I went into the file menu and hit Edit -> Copy - that works fine without a crash. 

I use "Paste" clipboard manager. If I quit that app entirely, the crash goes away. Reading what is above in this thread - it appears to be the same crash above with a different specific helper tool. 

I have an example file which repro's this behavior - as well as the crash stack if you need it. It has an embeded image in the document which also seems to be a common denominator. :)

I can also verify that this still crashes the AD Beta ( - didn't grab the crash stack on the regular app, but I did get the one off the beta - and it's essentially the same. 


AD Crash on CMD+C with embedded doc.rtf I can do all things, banner image, small.afdesign

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