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Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm having major problems with exporting my files as png/pdf. During export AD basically freezes. I read that it is most likely a MAC update problem; they've completely dropped the ball these past few updates. I have Affinity Design 1.3.5 and I downloaded Beta - is there another AD out there?


Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to export my images, as I am in crunch to get my logo on product labels and displays?



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Thanks for getting back MEB, attached is a screenshot of AD freezing during export, as well as the project I've been trying to export as .png.  
I've seen scattered word around the web that AD isn't perfectly compatible with OS X-Yosemite?  I would happily downgrade my MAC to Snow Leopard if it would resolve this issue.


I am otherwise thrilled with A.D.!  Thank you for your time,



LOGO CIRCLE.afdesign


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Hi alchemist,

Thanks for the file. The issue here is that the file is huge (5m x 5m at 300 dpi), which translates in more than 50.000 px both for width and heigh (at 300dpi).

- PNG only supports up to 32.767px and so Affinity will output to that size. Even so it will take large minutes (around 5 min on my system) to process such a huge file. Same is valid for JPG but here keeping the dimensions specified in the document.

- PDF exports fine (almost) immediately


Since this is a clean vector logo, exporting it as PDF should work for all situations because it can be scaled up/down without losing any quality.

If for some reason you need to rasterise it or provide a raster format (PNG, JPG etc) this should be done considering the required output/dimensions.

As it is set up now it's too big for most (if not all) situations.

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