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It seems like even after switching on "Copy items as SVG" in preferences, I can't copy vector items (for example, the icons that I create in affinity designer) as SVG into UI & Prototyping apps like invision, figma or similar apps.

What is the reason for this? Is there a way to fix it? Has anyone faced similar issues?

If anyone knows to fix it, please let me know.

I use affinity on windows 10 laptop. (Believe hardware wouldn't matter, so not mentioning them)

Have a great day!

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Hi tsivadharshan,

Copy as SVG will place a SVG object into the Clipboard (evidenced with FreeClipboardViewer). This can then be pasted in some applications that support that object type such as Illustrator and Inkscape.
However it was reported to us a while back that this wasn't working with Figma. When I looked into it I found that Figma only likes SVG data stored as 'text' on a clipboard, which I imagine might be the case for the other applications.

The good news is that this has recently just been resolved by development and Copy items as SVG will now copy the SVG code onto the clipboard as text allowing you to place inside Notepad etc.

This fix should be in the current 1.9 beta if you would like to try it, however be aware you should work on copies of your files in 1.9, as saving them in that version will stop them from being opened in 1.8.

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Hi Sean!

Thank you so much for explaining. Yes, I just tried it with the 1.9 beta and it works. Thank you very much for bringing this feature in the upcoming version. It is a great time saver and a thing of huge importance to me. I understand 1.9 files can't be opened in 1.8, which is something I recently learnt but I can wait until 1.9 is officially out to use this feature, no issues 😃

You guys are doing so well with the beta! I've been testing them from time to time and trying to provide valuable feedbacks that I can.

Thanks again, Siva.

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