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3D-Lut import and export

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Hi there,


I am testing 3D-Luts in Affinity Photo and how to work with them in other tools and vice versa.

It would be very helpful if Photo can tell you (or name them in the help) which adjustment layers and how many can be used to bake them into a 

3D-LUT. Please add a preference for the most used LUT type and size.


Right now I am getting a .3dl from Photo into Nuke (result is not the same although color spaces are set correctly - maybe I did too many adjustments?)

The .cube file is not working in Nuke. The .cube works in Resolve 12 (beta 3), a newly created 3D-LUT from Resolve (.cube) on the other hand I can't import into Photo. Nuke can read the .cube file from Resolve.


We use in our job mostly .cube file between Resolve, Nuke and Flame. Is there anything to consider using .cube file from Photo?



Best regards






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Hi Kirk, 

I found this website too yesterday, but the launch app button is only telling me that the server is not reachable.


I found also out that Resolve is writing out its own .cube format that is not the same as the Adobe Speedgrade .cube format.

How clever of both of the companies :)


Yes, there are LUT conversion tools, but this is not a very good workflow. I hope Affinity (and the other vendors) can improve their formats and make them

more compatible.






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yes sure, but first of all it is only describing the "one way" from Photo to Resolve. And secondly it makes very little sense to activate this 3D-Lut for all the output of Resolve as shown in the tutorial. Unless you have a project that works in mostly the same set or "environment".

You will rather use this per clip in the timeline of Resolve or for a whole timeline as a timeline post grade.


What I am looking for is the other way around. You got a look created in Resolve and load that into Photo.

And also...

FCPX with "mLut" from MotionVFX reads the 3D-Lut from Photo, "Color Finale" from Denver Riddle can't read the .cube from Photo. (Error Message: Malformed DOMAIN_MIN tage Line:8" .But both plugins can read the .cube from Resolve.

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