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Which document color mode do you have in Publisher? It looks as if you might have CMYK color mode, in which case colors are shown according to the print profile you are using. 

Here is an (extreme) example of having the same image in CMYK mode (using ISO Newspaper profile), and RGB mode (using AdobeRGB). The difference is not so clear here as the saturation of AdobeRGB based image is toned down by conversion to sRGB color space used in the forum.


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hi @Lagarto

Yup, it's CMYK. Looks like I need to use Affinity Photoshop to manually tinker with the cmyk file.

What should I export the CMYK file in Affinity Photo as? TIFF? I want to place the CMYK file into the Picture Frame Rectangle tool of Affinity Publisher

Not sure why I'm asking these stupid questions again. Thought I figured it out. Sorry


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There are multiple choices. Much depends on the CMYK profile you need to use for print production. As saturation of bright colors like violets in this particualr image will get dullened a bit in CMYK conversion, there might be point in doing the color conversion in Photo and adjusting the colors and then place a CMYK TIFF version with correct print profile embedded in Publisher. This shows a minimal benefit of pre-processing the image (in the example the paper would be uncoated stock with max total ink of 240%):


On the other hand, if you also need to create an RGB (digital) version, producing separate versions for both color spaces might be a good idea, as the preprocessed CMYK image would not work well in digital version:


If the print will be made on coated stock with standard profiles like ISO Coated v2 or PSO Coated v3, I would probably not bother to preprocess anything but just place RGB images in Publisher and then process the images directly using adjustments (e.g. levels/gamma, HSL, etc) when needed. Note that even if Publisher shows colors on screen simulating the printer color space (when you have a CMYK document profile), you can still produce full RGB-gamut PDFs as long as the images are in RGB color space. 

Preprocessing images in CMYK is typically useful only in situations where you need to limit ink usage and check that key colors are not lost in profile based color conversion. Some individual images might also need special attention and require preparing separate versions for print and digital. But as long as you are printing to offset, you should use CMYK document color mode in Publisher. 

Having preprocessed CMYK images in layout requires special attention as you need to use and embed the same profile with images as you use in your publication, so for this reason just placing (s)RGB images is more carefree. 


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1 hour ago, aymanzone said:

Thanks for amazing response. This is good to know.

You're welcome. Also, I forgot to ask about the original images: if they use a wide-gamut RGB color space like Adobe RGB or are RAW images with bright and vivid colors like in the example image the violets, there is probably point in keeping the wide color space or develop into one (instead of sRGB) as typically these kinds of colors translate into the final CMYK color space better than images already narrowed down to sRGB. 

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hi @Lagarto

I'm using color space sRGB IEC61966-2.1 because when I open affinity photo, I can see it mentions this colors pace

proof: https://imgur.com/bQfIjqf

I commissioned image from upwork.com. Artist (Jerick Vhan G - I highly recommend him) used Photoshop, not sure which version of photoshop. This was before I knew about cmyk stuff for printing etc. 

I'm grateful for you replies. Thanks



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