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Scaling imported vector art introduces artifacts

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I copied and pasted layers of vector art from an .ai file into my Designer document.  When I resized the document to fit on my workspace, distortions in the design were introduced at particular points in the scaling process.

Attached images: The first shows the original (correct) drawing. The second remains correct.  The distortions occur around the "antennae" of the stylized insect in the 3rd and subsequent images, and appear as spike-like protrusions and odd scaling of the other elements of the drawing.

I would hate to have to re-create this from scratch in Designer.  How can I scale these vectors without creating distortions?

Another question:  I originally tried to work on my .ai file in Designer without copying and pasting the layers into a new document.  When I tried to anchor the layers and resize the document, the artwork layers disappeared.  The list of layers still showed them as existing, and supposedly visible, but neither the art nor its bounding boxes could  be seen in the workspace, even when zoomed out.  I have no clue why I am not able to resize the document without losing access to the layers.







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