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Hi @Equalizer,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble!

Although not something we'd usually do, I've forwarded this file to one of our developers and asked them to look into this for you, to see if we can convert it to a useable .XML file.

5 hours ago, Equalizer said:

Unfortunately, this doesn't work on my computer (Windows 10) with the instructions from lensfun and the Phyton3 script

In the meantime, can you please confirm for me; What happened when trying to convert this file on your PC? Were you able to convert the file, but could not get it working within Affinity Photo? Or were you unable to generate the .XML file? The more information you can provide here, the better.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Dan,

thank you for your help. The fact is that I couldn't generate the profile. I have to admit that as a Windows user I am used to simply opening a window, then a menu appears and everything works quite simply. But the operation with the Phyton Script overwhelms my knowledge and skills. Perhaps there will be someone who will explain that to me again. My idea was that there might be someone in the forum who might also use the Tamron lens and have an xml profile for Affinity Photo. That's why I asked here in the forum.

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Not to worry, thanks for letting me know :)

I had one of our devs attempt this script for you, however it unfortunately was producing a syntax error and was unable to produce a profile, my apologies.

I recommend contacting the maker of this script, to see if they can help you determine and resolve the issue between your LCP file and the script itself.

My sincerest apologies that we couldn't help further here!

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I tried running the script as well - there was an issue with the script containing the greek letter "alpha" that threw an error.  Even after changing the occurrences of that variable, the script will run but does not produce the merged xml database that it is supposed to produce.  I am running it locally, with a local-to-the-directory database folder (version 2) that I explicitly name in the argument to the script, as well as explicitly naming the output file as an argument and nothing is output (the output file is created, but is simply has a line of text that echoes the database version 2).

Same thing occurs when running the distributed lcp conversion utility that was built as part of lensfun via homebrew.

There is a lensfun entry for the 15-30, but it appears that the LCP file you are wanting to convert might be a variation of the one that is already in the lensfun database (A012 versus A014).


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Hello kirkt,

Thank you for your help. The lcp file is actually fine because it works fine in Photoshop. I copied it out of the Adobe Camera Raw Profile folder, but there seems to be an error converting it to an xml file.

In the meantime I am using the profile of the Tamron model A012. This is the previous model of my lens. That seems to work well, distortion and vignette are calculated out very well. I just thought that with a profile to the Tamron lens A041 (my lens) the results would be even more accurate. But that's okay.

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