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See how to export pdf x1a: 2001 using affinity design + (scribus 1.5.5 or higher) in windows

Cleverson Andrade Almeida

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Greetings from Brazil to all users of the affinity designer.
I want to share that it is possible to save pdf x1a: 2001, using affinity designer + scribus 1.5.5 + color profile in an easy and free way.

Come on, install the free program scribus 1.5.5 (it must be this version or higher, depends on when you see this post), you can do this through this link, remember to choose 32 or 64 bits depending on your windows:


After installing the scribus, we need to download the color patterns, we can do this through this link directly from the Adobe website.


Accept the terms and you will be directed to the download page. After downloading the file on your pc unzip and click on the profiles, this will add to your scribus.

Now open the scribus, click on File (on the top menu), then on Preferences, in the window that opens, go to Color Management, configure Document Profiles to add the colors profiles that best suit your needs, but remember to leave the same color profile you use in the affinity designer.

In document Rendering Intents,
select Relative colorimetric and click ok (This setting will be done only once).

Come on, save a file in the affinity designer as pdf x1a: 2003 cmyk, open this pdf in the scribus, click on File -> Export -> PDF-> in General configure compatibility for PDF X1a: 2001, Done that click on Pre- Press and configure PDF / X Output Intent - (Output Profile - for the profile you chose in the previous steps) click save and you're done.


I hope to help everyone who needs pdf x1a: 2001 for printing.

God bless you


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Cleverson, meu conterrâneo brasileiro, muito obrigado! Uma vez que o pessoal da Affinity JAMAIS vai resolver este impasse, eu sempre precisava abrir o PDF/X1a:2003 no Adobe Illustrator só para salvar como PDF/X1a:2001. Agora não preciso mais de ter o Adobe Illustrator ocupando espaço no SSD, pois eu não o uso pra nada mais que isso. Muitíssimo obrigado e que Deus te abençoe.

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