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Why does my Mac keep updating AP and AD with the same updates?

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I have Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer on an iMac running Yosemite, fully updated.


I did the App Store update when 1.3.5 came out - but every time I do an App Store check for updates, both AP and AD keep coming up as needing an update, and then proceed to download and install v1.3.5 all over again.


My list of Recently Installed apps has AD and AP at least 5 times each - all for v1.3.5


The only thing I can think of is that I installed the beta version of AP (but not AD) alongside my v1.3.4 AP a couple of weeks ago. But I Uninstalled that using App Cleaner before I updated my v1.3.4 to v1.3.5. All went well.


But now it somehow seems to think it needs to be constantly updated....  Any clues?


One other question - how is the progress at getting Photoshop plugins to work in Photo - in particular, the Topaz plugins?  All of them?  Any luck collaborating with the Topaz folks on getting this to happen, now that you have release versions of the program?


Keep up the great work - I'm loving both AD and AP.  Once thosae plugins work flawlessly in AP, I'll be making a complete switch from Photoshop CS6.



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Hi Paul -thanks for the reply.


Couple of points though - I've been using App Cleaner for years, and it seems to be by far the best of the uninstallers out there. Even that forum you link to only has a couple of generic negative comments. However, the other one they refer to - MacKeeper - really IS a scam. That has made headlines a lot. But App Cleaner seems to do its job thoroughly, and when backed up by Hazel to root out even the most arcane linked files, a clean uninstallation usually results.


The other point is that I only used App Cleaner to uninstall the beta of Affinity Photo - it had been installed alongside AP v1.3.4, and when I uninstalled the beta, the original version still worked perfectly. I also checked which files App Cleaner was going to delete before I told it to go ahead an do it - nothing except those referring to the beta version.


So I went ahead and did the App Store update for BOTH Affinity Photo AND Affinity Designer (remember I'd never had a beta of AD installed, and nothing uninstalled) - and the updates went fine. Everything working.


But every time I pull up the App Store app and check for updates - lo and behold, there is AP and AD in the list to update. So I update them - again - and it's the same v1.3.5 update. The release notes are identical.


For some reason, the App Store doesn't seem to recognise that I'm using the latest updates.


I just tried the App Store app on my Macbook Air (the main problem has been on my iMac) - and the problem is NOT occurring on the laptop. So presumably it's something specific to the iMac - but I don't know what.  Oh yes - I also had the AP Beta on the laptop and uninstalled that using App Cleaner before updating - yet everything works just fine.


Go figure, as they say in the movies... ;)

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Hi Pentaxian,

It may be a problem with App Store app cache. Do the following:

  • Drag the Photo or Designer app from the Applications folder to the trash.
  • Open the Terminal app.
  • Copy and paste this command and then press Enter:
  • open $TMPDIR/../C
    This will open a Finder window.
  • Drag the "com.apple.appstore" folder that's inside there to the Trash. This folder is just a cache. It will be recreated as soon as you run the Mac Store app again.
  • Run the Mac Store app and try to install Affinity Photo and Designer. If it still doesn't work, reboot your system.
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I think the Mac App Store lets you reinstall an app after it was entirely deleted from your hard drive, yes?

What I would do is use the freebie EasyFind from Devon Technologies (way better than Spotlight, AppZapper, etc. - you can find it in the Mac App Store here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/easyfind/id411673888?mt=12)to get all the bits from Affinity, visible or not, into the trash and do a fresh reinstall of the app.


The search criteria in EasyFind is pretty extensive so I think that manually you would be able to find hidden files and get rid of them.


Of course, once the app is deleted, if the Mac App Store does NOT allow you to reinstall what you bought, there needs indeed to be another solution to this problem!...  :)





Edit: D'OH ! Once, again, MEB beats me to it! I'm really too slow on the reply button!   :lol:


Affinity Designer 1.6

Affinity Photo 1.6.6

Canon EOS 50D

iMac 27" 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7 32 GB RAM


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Thanks MEB and MacGueurle - I did a combination of both. MEB - the app is in the Applications folder, not Documents. But I did what you suggested and deleted the cache file.


Then when I ran the App Store app again, I went to the "Purchased" tab, and found AP and simply re-downloaded and installed it. I didn't do it for Designer - I'll use that as a comparison.


I'll run the App Store app again tomorrow and see if AP shows up as still needing an update.


It's all working hunky-dory at the moment - if you don't hear from me tomorrow (Australia time) you can assume that all is well.  If it once again shows up as needing an update, I'll post back on this thread.


Thanks to all for the help :)

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