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[MAC] Publisher: Export to PDF corrupts accented characters if they have a large font size

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As discussed in this thread:


Here is text with accented characters in Publisher (set at 30pt font size):



Here is how it looks like when exported to PDF



The font being used is Rubik from Google Fonts. However, the issue persists even if it is replaced with another font such as Helvetica.

It will import fine as a PNG. 

The issue only occurs if the font is a certain size. Here is text from the same document set at 24pt and it is fine:



I can't share the whole file, but I have attached a sample that has one of the problem headings. 


People in the thread have tried it on Windows and it works fine. However, I have tested it both on Mac OS 10.14.6 and 10.15 and the issue persists. 


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I have confirmed in Publisher 1.8.4 on macOS 10.14.6 that the file exports incorrectly. I chose the "PDF (for print)" preset.

@big smile I don't know if you are needing a workaround while this issue is waiting on a resolution, but in case you are, I can suggest that you swap the composed character (which are two characters in the encoded text stream: an E character and an accent character) with the single accented capital E character. This latter case will export correctly. Here is an edited version of your file where I have used the standard accented É character in the duplicated text (second version).


Edit: I could not upload the file as I usually can; the forum software kept giving error -200. But it works when I zipped the file. I'm sorry about that additional annoyance.

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50 minutes ago, Gabe said:

Hi both,

Sorry for the delayed reply. 

This file opens "incorrectly" for me from the start. But this is expected, as the 

É is not actually a glyph, but just a normal "E" with a " ` " next to it. 

Screen_Recording_2020-10-13_at_09_59_05.mov 14.59 MB · 0 downloads

Hmmm... that's interesting, as for me it's a proper É from the start. 

In my case, just this morning, the design of the headings changed to become smaller, so it all exports fine now. Although it's a bizarre issues, especially because it all exports fine on Windows!


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