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Unsharp mask and line of bright pixels

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Hello, I like to use the UnsharpMask to increase the contrast of a photo but I find that that gives me a big problem tedious to correct: A bright line of bright pixels at the perifery of the subject. I usually stay under one pixel of Unsharp radius but the bright pixels are there. Any way to eliminate this problem or solve it in a reasonable way?

In the photo included you can see the bright pixels on the right side. The one on the left have ben attenuated with the Blur brush tool.

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 9.26.58 PM.png

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Has this object that has the bright outline after USM been cut out of an image and placed against a new background?  The bright pixels are from the contrast at the edge of the object being being accentuated (that is what USM does).  If you cut the object out of another image (that had a bright background, for example) and there are some stray pixels at the edge that are much different than the new background, that difference will be enhanced by the USM operation.  If this is the case, then you need to refine the edge of the cut out before comping onto the new background and applying USM.  Maybe a tool like Filters > Color > Remove White Matte might help get rid of that edge of pixels before composting the object onto the new background.

Otherwise, you can apply USM as a live filter and mask the adjustment to affect just the object - the live filter has a mask by default that is all white.  Invert that mask (to all black) and then paint white onto the mask to reveal the USM effect just where you want it (the object).


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